040: How To Move Through Grief & Sadness

Grief and sadness are part of the human experience. Grief is a feeling of deep sorrow, multi-facilitated response resulting from response to any loss; it could be loss of a job, a partner, or even a home.  Losing something causes grief, and there is always an element of pain that is attached to loss. Also, grief has a link with the lungs; it commonly happens to those in a relationship and particularly having a breakup. 

I have experienced sorrow in most instances in my life. Before when I would suffer from grief, I would get panic-like attacks and not being able to breathe.  I would go through a state of shock, and my whole chest would not be able to take in any air.  This feeling of breathlessness and such panic like feeling can be described as grief. Grief is associated with lungs, and some have more layers of grief, for example, men generally have less grief than women as they can easily release grief. 

It’s important to know that when one has too much grief, it blocks the heart shockers because it is between the chest and it is responsible for giving love and receiving love in return.  Thus if you are someone who has a lot of grief with yourself, you will notice that it is difficult to receive love. When engulfed with the feeling of grief, you could notice some contraction around your heart. This  makes it difficult to express love openly, as you may find it difficult to hug people and a layer of sadness may build up within heart, something that makes it had to receive love that is not necessary has to do with romance but also love that comes from money, help or even abundance of anything you want. 

So have you been suffering from grief, it could be from recent times, or even for a longer period up to five years?  The good news is that grief can be healed even if it has resulted from the loss of a family member, relative or a friend. To succeed in releasing grief energy one must allow, accept, and embrace it so that it can easily move through the body. You can do them by yourself even inside your room or any other comfortable space. Whatever may be causing these layers of sorrow inside your heart and denying you joy can actually be managed through five simple steps that are explained below.

  • Lighting a candle –by lighting a candle you are asking the universe to protect you, as you know fire is a sign of hope and an element to restore energy while trying to overcome the moment of grief. 
  • Inviting a higher power to be with you during grief moment; It can be done by asking God, angels, the universe, or guides to come down and be with you.  Grief melts away when we feel supported, and it worsens when the one feel the support is withdrawn.  One can do this by writing it down or by saying it aloud. By inviting the spiritual support, you are giving them permission to be with you during the sorrowful moment.  The more you do it, the more they come down to support you overcome grief as you will no longer feel as if you are left alone. 
  • Allowing energy of grief to be felt fully: It can be done by say to yourself “I allow myself to feel the grief and sadness” this can leads you to break into a cry or go into a state of breathlessness, I recommend to say it when you are ready, allow it, notice it, to realize it is just a feeling and an energy that want to be felt. By doing this, you allow the deep sorrow to pass and move through you.  Stay with it up to 45 minutes, and if you notice you are overwhelmed with the deep grief, you can just do it for 20 to 15 minutes but don’t rush it allow it for sufficient time. Also, you can say relieving words twice such as I allow and accept you, I allow and accept you thank you more than twice for trying to help me                      
  • Continue to breathe during the entire grieving period: Breath helps to support one during grief moment, it can help release the extra energy stack in your heart and open up lungs. 
  • Saying statementI relief grief and sadness and say I replace it with love and light”  As you do this you also imagine by breathing in and out the grief is moving out of you and being taken by gods, universe or angles and it is being replaced with love. 

Managing grief should be a continuous process, and it takes a lot of time, space, and energy, it happens in layers.  It does not happen overnight; you may need to do this process continuously for several months.  It is significant to know that grief is associated with fear, and you should not allow anxiety to worsen your condition.  If the grief condition persists, it’s advisable to see a medical specialist for further guidance. I believe by following the hints in this article will help you understand how to deal with grief and finally overcome sadness and live a joyful life after that.  

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