050: How To Heal The Inner Child

Nowadays, we always hear the term… ‘Inner Child’. But what exactly does this term even mean?

Carl Jung a renowned psycholgist coined the term ‘Inner Child’ and he refers to it as an individuals childlike aspect.

What a person learned as a child before puberty.

Jung suggests that the unresolved experiences we’ve had as children, and the sum of mental-emotional memories, then impact the struggles and adversaries we face in our current day life.

So, how does this happen? These old experiences and emotional wounds get stored in our subconscious mind and according to Jung, we continue to play out experiences, so we can work on the aspects of ourselves that need healing.

During this episode we delve into:

  • What exactly is the Inner Child?
  • Learn how to know if you are negatively impacted by your Inner Child in your day to day life?
  • Some tips and strategies on how you can connect to the child that lives within you.
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