2 Steps To Let Go Of Resistance.

Resistance. This one word, has so much depth, meaning and most of all energy. Resistance causes me to feel lethargic. It makes me feel like I am drowning in a pool of dark mud. Resistance is a thorn in my side. It can appear to be my friend at times, pretending to comfort me when I finish a whole bag of potato chips, ginger beer, and mars bar all in one sitting. Resistance makes me feel like loneliness and isolation is a part of me like it’s a limb that I’m meant to live with. Resistance is darkness. It’s the part of me, that feels like giving up or caving in. Resistance makes me loathe myself. It makes me feel like I’m breathless, useless and most of all worthless.

Whenever I hear the word RESISTANCE in my Reiki sessions I know all too well what my clients are experiencing. They all use the same adjectives to describe this darker energy. They say things like: “I don’t feel like doing anything that I’m supposed to do”. “All they want to do is sleep, eat or watch Netflix”. One interesting thing I’ve discovered through my years working as a Reiki practitioner is that whilst everyone experiences resistance, some people struggle with it more than others. Unfortunately, clients that have a weaker solar plexus and/or third eye especially struggle with this darker energy.

There are so many people who are struggling with resistance, and this is why I’ve written this article.  

Below are two things you can do if you have resistance in your life.

Accept and acknowledge the resistance.

Many times when we feel resistance, we will distract ourselves from it. Why? Because we don’t want to feel it. Why? Because it feels terrible. We are uncomfortable with feeling it and accepting it fully. So how can we feel it. The best way to accept resistance is to just give yourself 5 minutes to feel the resistance. If you sit by yourself, close yourself and say. I allow myself to feel the resistance, one of two things is going to happen. You’re going to feel resistance. And guess what… It’s won’t feel as bad as you think. So try it and feel the way your body responds. Does your body collapse into a ball? Or do you feel breathless? Whatever you feel, watch it and accept the feeling fully.

Allow the universe to take the resistance from you.

Imagine that there is a black box in your lap. Imagine that you are putting all of the darker resistant energy into the box. Stay here for 10 mins. When you do this you will feel like escaping. But keep going. Allow the resistance to move into the box. After 10 mins. Imagine you are putting a lid on the box. Lift the box with your hands and place it on the top of your head. Feel how heavy the box is. Allow the box to lift off of the top of your head and into the sky going back to True Source. Lastly, be sure to be patient with yourself.

If you still feel resistance after this meditation exercise, it’s ok. It might take two or even three times. However many times it takes, it doesn’t matter, because the resistance will eventually leave.

Sending you so much love and light. <3

Author: Rishma Petraglia

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