4 Secrets Of An Embodied Energy Healer

First off, what exactly is an Embodied Energy Healer?

An Embodied Energy Healer is someone who always wants to evolve and grow. Their passionate about not only helping others heal and become whole, they love working on themselves to they can help more people. They face their own darkness and work through their own emotions. They work on and transform their inner world, so their outer word shifts and change. They love life, and enjoy all the pleasure and enjoyment that life has to offer. They are in tune with their mind, body and soul. They see how these three areas of their life are in tune with one another, and if one becomes out of alignment, they need to work on it. People are drawn to them because of their energy, so their clients and business is mostly referral as they are a magnet for attracting new clients.

So who are Pseudo ENERGY HEALERS

These energy healers, may have the gift of healing others, but they sometimes lack integrity. Doing the inner work is not a priority, which makes them less grounded and seem more in woo woo land. They don’t go into their own darkness, so they can’t evolve and transform. Instead they only focus on the positive feelings, and suppress negative emotions, that end up get stored in the spiritual body. They are only working on the spiritual/soul side of things and the mind, and body gets neglected. They have a lack mentality and have to work very hard to get clients. Attracting new clients does not come easy for them.

So are you ready to learn 4 Secrets Of Embodied Energy Healers?

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