4 Secrets of Embodied Energy Healers

4 Secrets Of Embodied
Energy Healers

by Rishma Petraglia

What exactly is an Embodied Energy Healer?

An Embodied Energy Healer is someone who wants to evolve and grow – They are passionate about not only helping others heal and become whole, but they also understand that they need to work on themselves so they can better help others.

They face their own darkness and work through their own emotions with ease and grace. They cultivate and transform their inner world, so their outer world matches.

In-tune with their mind, body and soul, Energy Healers understand how these three areas of their life are important and need to be in tune with one another.

Now you know more, here’s 4 SECRETS of successful
Embodied Energy Healers!

Secret One:

Embodied Energy Healers Create Beautiful, Loving Spaces.

They understand that their inner world is a reflection of their outer world. Embodied Energy Healers create beautiful spaces.

When you enter the home of an Embodied Energy Healer you will notice that you feel peaceful and calm. You feel a sense of joy and peace within your soul.

They use the elements such as ether, earth, fire, air and water in their physical space. They know how to use these elements to create more of a peace and love energy.

Secret Two:

Embodied Energy Healers Spend Time On Their Mind, Body & Soul

They often have a morning routine for their mind, body and soul. Embodied Energy Healers know the importance of the mind, body and soul connection.

They know that in order to be a good healer, their mind and body needs to be working just as well as their soul. This enables them to ground their own energy, so they don’t get depleted by their clients.

They can then gain more energy when working with clients because their energy is clear and grounded. Embodied Energy Healers meditate mostly every single day. They know their aura and chakras need to be shiny in order to help others.

Secret Three:

Embodied Energy Healers Have Humility & Grace

A lot of times in the spiritual community, some spiritual healers feel and think as though they are superior to others because they have huge followings, healing abilities. This is an aspect of the ego that does not serve humanity.

Embodied Energy Healers are aware and understand the workings of the ego and make an effort to bring light and awareness onto this aspect of themselves every single day.

They see the light in others, and believe that everyone can cultivate their own healing abilities. They understand their gift comes from a higher power, and they are a channel for this energy to help others feel unconditional love and peace.

Secret Four:

Embodied Energy Healers Are Magnetic

People are magnetised and easily drawn to Embodied Energy Healers because they have cultivated a strong feminine energy that is immensely powerful.

They understand the importance of having a strong Sacral and Root Chakra, to bring out this magnetic energy.

The real secret here is that Embodied Energy Healers know the importance of this ‘being’ and ‘ow’ energy and how it helps others to be drawn and attracted to them. When they are in their feminine state they are able bringing more peace and love to the people of this planet.

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