Meet Rishma

Before there was a smiling, happy, blissful girl in a beautiful marriage…

…there was a darker shadow covering up who I really was.

I felt worthless. Lacked confidence.

I had bad body posture, frowned a lot, and I couldn’t make eye contact for the life of me. I was scared to death that I was going to end up being alone, even though all I wanted was a partner to spend my life with.

My twenties were filled with listening to r&b songs like Jagged Edge & of course watching Romantic Comedies.

Unrealistic ideas of what a relationship was –caused me to experience heartbreak after heartbreak every time I got out of a unhealthy relationship.

Let’s just say I didn’t have an easy time attracting love or sustaining a healthy relationship.

After my second devastating heartbreak I decided enough is enough. It was time to make a drastic change and learn how to finally love myself. It was during this heartbreak that I had hit my second rock bottom. This relationship showed me the wounded and broken parts of myself that desperately needed healing.

I decided to take a leap of faith
& invest in myself.

I worked with healers around the world from Thailand, Canada, and Singapore. I read book after book on how to heal myself my mind, body, and soul. For years, I studied energy principles and meditation to bring me back to my soul’s essence.

Then things finally started to transform and change.

I was finally able to enjoy being by myself. I got to know who I was as a person.

More feelings of bliss, clarity, peace, acceptance and joy became a part of my life’s experience for the first time.

It wasn’t until I learned how to heal my heart, and connect with something greater than myself, that I was able to feel whole and happy with myself. It was from that place where I was able to attract a beautiful relationship.

This is when things aligned for me, and I was able to attract my best friend, soulmate and now husband.

I discovered that attracting love and a beautiful relationship is an inside job. You need to let go of the negative feelings that are holding you back from truly loving yourself.

  • As Seen in

Through my years of working with
clients this is what I learned

  • You need to truly understand yourself before you get into a relationship: your values, beliefs and gifts.
  • Self-love is the most important thing you can do for yourself before you get into a relationship. If you don’t value yourself and give yourself the time, energy and effort you deserve – this will hinder you when trying to attract a life partner.
  • Feminine Energy is so IMPORTANT. When you access your this potent energy, it will truly anchor you in magnetising a beautiful partner to share your life with.

So, are you ready to make some
big changes in your life?

People say this to me all the time: “Love will happen when the time is right.”

I get it. I used to believe this saying as well.

Now, I understand that in life we get opportunities, and it’s in these opportunities that we get the chance to attract our soulmate. However, if we are not ready (emotionally and spiritually) we will continue to miss our chance on receiving unlimited amounts of unconditional love in our lifetime.

Unconditional love only comes into our life when we unconditionally love ourselves. When you are in a space of peace, clarity, bliss, joy and acceptance and truly accept who you are…

This is where the magic happens.

That being said, I have some FREE Gifts for you to help you on your journey to attract love.

So, enjoy!

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“I would always come out of a session feeling calm, rejuvenated and at one with the universe.​”

Natalie Cross

Head Teacher

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Rishma’s dedication to healing herself and others has allowed her to learn and share different modalities of healing. She earned the following qualifications along her journey:

Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 3A Master Certification.

Meditation Workshop Certification.

Kundalini Workshop Certification.

Open Heart Levels 1,2,3,4 Certification.

Mindfulness in the Classroom Certification.

Created and taught various workshops on Self Love, Abundance, and Meditation.

Bachelor of Education degree.

Created and led afterschool activities of ‘Girls Zone’ a course dedicated to empowering girls through meditation and positive affirmations, and ‘Peacemakers Club’ a course to help kids with emotional and behavioural issues.

Created and led Professional Development course ‘Holistic Practice in the Classroom’

Rishma has delivered inspirational talks on topics such as Women’s Empowerment, Creating More Abundance, and Building Healthy Relationships at organisations such as Walton International, Singapore American School, andUp Your Game Community.