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“The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi

Before the Reiki sessions I felt heavy, unconnected, stuck, haunted by the past.
During the Reiki sessions I saw colours and was amazed at how the energy was flowing whenever a particular chakra was most activated. After the Reiki sessions I felt lighter, and more peaceful
I would recommend Rishma as a Reiki therapist because she is good at what she does, which is helping and healing people. She is genuine, warm-hearted and always so cheerful. Her Reiki sessions have been effective and she encourages that I learn Reiki so I can do self-healing on myself.
My favourite part of the Find Your Self Love course was discovering so much negativity that has been buried underneath was mind-blowing. This course of learning about self-love was like clearing out an extremely messy, dusty, and dump-throwing closet that has been stuffed with so much junk over the years. There was a lot of forgiving to do – forgiving our parents, the people who have hurt us, and most importantly ourselves which was essential in the Self Love course.
I wasn’t too sure if a 5 session course would be sufficient to get rid of so much mental junk I had but I realised that the journey to self-love is not dependent on others. Not on our parents, our friends, our partners or even our therapist! This course was a great stepping stone to understanding how we can start to learn how to love ourselves. The rest is up to us.

Joey Kwok
Realtor, 32
​I have had the privilege of experiencing many Reiki sessions with Rishma. I attended these sessions during times when I was feeling stressed and tense and nightly sleep was broken. I would wake up feeling tired and far from full health, which in turn sapped me of vitality & energy. I also turned to Rishma to help overcome soreness and injuries from regular exercise. Even if I hadn’t mentioned, for example, a sore knee, Rishma’s intuition would certainly alert her to whatever pain I was experiencing. I found our sessions healing. I was pain free, relaxed and calm ~ mind and body. I was in a safe, professional environment, knowing Rishma was understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her Reiki practice. Often I could feel her healing energy working. I firmly believe my own spirituality was enhanced. I eagerly awaited each session! Rishma is truly gifted and I am extremely grateful to her for her amazing healing.

Lisa Leader
Teacher, 51
I began to do reiki on myself and felt its healing and transformative powers, not just for healing my physical body but also opening me spiritually.”
​​Before I myself began to practice Reiki, I had seven sessions with Rishma. I went to Rishma for these sessions because I had a health condition called tendinitis which caused pain in my joints for many years. As the sessions progressed, I felt gradual relief from this painful condition and was amazed at the results, which many doctors and western specialists were unable to yield over the years. Although at the time of these sessions, I was not aware of their profound power, now that I am farther along my own spiritual journey, I see that these sessions were the catalyst that empowered me to look within and seek my own inner path towards healing myself. Shortly after completing the sessions with Rishma, I took Reiki level 1 & 2. I began to do reiki on myself and felt its healing and transformative powers, not just for healing my physical body but also opening me spiritually. Today, I still practice Reiki daily for myself and for others. It has changed my life and I am so blessed and grateful that Rishma helped to ignite this journey and gave me those initial seven sessions. Thank you Rishma!!

Deena D
Head of School, 31
It is with great confidence and gratitude that I recommend Rishma as a caring, intuitive and highly professional Reiki practitioner. I first approached Rishma after having severe stomach pains in my lower abdomen for several days and was prepared to visit the doctor should the pains have continued. However, during my first treatment, Rishma’s energy was so soothing and comforting that I drifted asleep part way through the session. Upon waking, to my amazement and relief, the pain had completely disappeared and to this day, has not returned. Having experienced such remarkable difference with Rishma’s Reiki practice, I began to book more regular sessions to assist with my digestion and candida problems. Rishma has a true gift in terms of the love and protection that her energy projects upon her patients. I would always come out of a session feeling calm, rejuvenated and at one with the universe. Although my eyes remained closed throughout the session, I could feel my chakra’s opening in response to the placement of her hands around my body. Rishma also provided wonderful feedback and guidance in regard to positive mantras and life practices that would in time, become a huge part of my journey towards becoming my best self. I feel completely blessed to have crossed paths with Rishma and hold her ability and wisdom deeply in my heart. Whether you are new to the idea of Reiki, or an experienced Reiki practitioner yourself, I strongly recommend Rishma’s practice as a way of overcoming emotional hurdles in your life, responding to physical pain or finding a deep inner relaxation and sense of calm.

Natalie Cross
Teacher, 38
I had experienced a family bereavement when I contacted Rishma for Reiki, having randomly found her details on the internet. I was heavily depressed and traditional help wasn’t working. I was desperate to get well again. As soon as I arrived for our first meeting, I was overwhelmed by Rishma’s genuine warmth and kindness. She spent time understanding why I’d come to see her and then talked me through Reiki, the practice, the process and what would happen during the session.
The Reiki was wonderful, and beyond anything I’d expected or experienced before. I returned home feeling far lighter, calmer, happier and more together than I had done in a long time. I returned to see Rishma again some months later for a further session of Reiki and that time she also shared her Chakra meditation practices with me, so that I could continue to self-heal at home. The grief has never passed, but with Rishma’s help, has become manageable. I also believe that Rishma’s Reiki helped to realign my energies and subsequently enabled me to get pregnant at the age of 40.
Without hesitation I recommend Rishma’s Reiki healing.

Singapore, 41
​I have explored many different paths when it comes to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. When I came to see Rishma I was wanting to feel a sense of clarity and healing from emotional and physical strain. Having been to a Reiki professional before in the past I had explored this form of healing and treatment but had not benefited fully from my sessions. When I met with Rishma I was open and willing to explore this form of healing again. Wihin a couple of weeks I noticed a change in my energy. I felt lighter, less driven by anxiety and stress and more clear. I felt happy and more open to further healing sessions. I have had severe jaw pain that has been eased with each treatment and been given mantras and ways to approach this physical condition if I am feeling tense or in pain. I cannot say enough about Rishma Hooda and her devotion to this practise. She has a calming energy and presence that is essential to healing.

B. Lee
Teacher, 41
Before I met Rishma, I was feeling extremely worthless, and very much unloved. I had panicked having reached the point of considering suicide, so I knew it was necessary to inform friends I trust about the crisis I was going through. Apart from scheduling to meet with a doctor for psychiatric evaluation, one of the other options of treatment I decided to seek was Reiki. I had known about the existence of Reiki therapy. That it was an alternative form of healing, but that was all I knew about it. What I was certain of, was that I honestly felt my soul was broken and I was open to any form of help I could get. I had been enduring about 10 years of stress and anxiety from being the financial as well as main caregiver for my elderly mother and older sister, after my father’s death. Both my sister and mother suffer from mental illness. As they were both generally resistant to therapy of any form, the home we live in became a very toxic and hateful environment. In some instances there would be violence. However, as their personality and moods would switch from different extremes, there was never an opportunity to properly address their respective issues. Dealing with this over an extended period of time, in addition to managing stress from my career and having to provide for my family; I started to develop migraines. The stress also eventually affected my involvement with other relationships in my life. My deep sense of guilt (largely due to filial piety obligations) caused me to feel it was always my responsibility to care for others. As I had been fortunate enough to have a career that grants me significant opportunities, I felt obligated to provide for others even though I very rarely felt appreciated.
For the first time in a very long time, I found myself in a place where I felt safe. My heart felt safe. My soul felt safe. There was no judgement, only the combined intention to help me heal. Though it took me a while, I learned to open myself up to be the one receiving love again. Rishma also helped me come up with my own affirmations so I could meditate on my own, anytime. I always felt lighter after each session. I felt soothed. Outside of each therapy session, and under the guidance / consultation / recommendation by Rishma, I eventually found other forms of meditation that suited me to practice in my own time.
I would recommend Rishma as a Reiki therapist because she has never once made me feel like she was pushy. She has always made it clear with her kind, gentle and patient words as well as actions that her objective is not for the client to be dependent on Reiki sessions to cope with life, but to have these sessions serve as a guide on how to get through with a life filled with love. Learning to love yourself, thus then having the clarity and ability to love others. Consider these sessions as a tune up for when your connection with your inner being have fallen out of sync. My favourite part of the sessions was being able to speak to my therapist without fear of being judged for my thoughts, and how to process my emotions. I was always encouraged and made to feel that I would be able to get through this journey with her assistance, and really appreciate that she helped me see – I do have this ability to heal myself. I only needed a little help with the navigation.
I can’t speak for others, I can only share from my own experience. Reiki saved my life. I have Rishma to thank for that, and my best friend who took the trouble to research and found Rishma for me as I wasn’t in the state of mind to take care of myself. Thank you.

Nadia Daeng
Public Relations, 34
During the Reiki sessions I felt something unprecedented, where I can feel the energy flowing through my body. I have never felt such energy channeling in my body after years of exposure in crystals, and this is indeed an awesome experience. During the Mindfulness sessions I learnt to stay focused and enjoy the present moment. After the session, I start seeing changes in my life, complete my tasks in orders instead of overwhelming thoughts which put me all over the places. I would recommend Rishma as a Reiki therapist because she is such a wonderful person to work with. She guided me closely in the mindfulness sessions, pinpointed the sessions that I needed the most which I find it a game changer in my life. Lastly, I am extremely grateful that she is such a great person who will go extra miles. After meeting such lovely therapist, I find myself more confident and proud to say that I have finally found a way in my life. When you work with Rishma, I’m confident you will agree. Enjoy.

Shu Jie
Sales & Marketing, 28
Gratitude is key. When I first met Rishma I felt that I have known her all my life. She was easy to talk to, listened without judgement and her energy is amazing. Reiki has changed me deeply and gratitude is the one thing I lacked. For me my whole life I was always thirsty and no amount of water could quench my thirst and I always wanted more. My ego was larger than my life! After 6 sessions with Rishma my commitment and self work, hand on my heart, I felt the shift and I am ever so grateful to have Rishma’s guidance on my spiritual journey. Many thanks, Rishma! Much love, Ezan

Ezan Shah
Yoga Instructor, 37
I had come across various Reiki therapists before meeting with Rishma in a networking event. Very quickly, I felt a connection coming from the inside out with her and for the first time felt compelled to try a Reiki session. Rishma is an excellent listener and knows how to create a safe place for you to relax before, during and after her treatment. I have had 3 or 4 sessions with her so far and always come out feeling calmer inside and able to slow down and to enjoy more the moment. I would unreservedly recommend her.

Nathalie Ricaud
Professional Organiser @ Get Organised & Beyond Singapore

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