043: Why Intention Setting Will Change Your Life

The first time I started working consciously with intentions was about 4 years ago. I had just started a Matchmaking company and was trying to get clients to work with.

In my sales strategy, I realized the way I was doing things was NOT working. I kept going to meeting after meeting, only to feel disappointed after the person didn’t sign on with me. I knew something was off and wanted to get to the bottom of how to make this process more enjoyable.

Thankfully, I started to read about intention setting. I finally had come to understand the reason I was struggling so much in those sales meetings was because my intentions were not coming from my beliefs and values, rather a self-serving (what can I get) thought pattern.

And the worst part about the whole thing… is that I knew people could feel it.

One of my favorite people in the world, (you all know her…) Oprah Winfrey gave me the clarity in regards to what I needed to change.

In her writings, and her new book: The Path Made Clear, Oprah explains the importance of aligning your intention with your beliefs & your personality with purpose.

So what exactly is an intention? An intention is a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience.  

  • It’s about who you are in the present moment.
  • It’s a starting point for every dream.
  • It’s fuel for manifesting your goals and vision.
  • It anchors your values and can raise your physical energy.

Here are some great examples are taken from the MBG Article by Chandresh Bhardwaj.

  • I intend to manifest happiness naturally.
  • I intend to forgive others and myself.
  • I intend to love unconditionally.
  • I intend to make someone smile every day.

Tips for setting intentions in your life.

  1. Ask yourself why? What is your real intention? You may have roots/intentions that are not serving you, that are not aligned with your true purpose. Pulling these old roots is essential to creating new intentions.
  2. Start small. Write one intention and stick it near your bed. Say it every morning out loud. Repeat, until it starts to stick. When you’re ready to add more intentions throughout your day.
  3. Create intentions for important events such as meetings, speaking arrangements, dates, etc.
  4. Don’t be hard on yourself. Keep practicing, even if you don’t notice that much of a difference. Eventually, the anchor (your intention) will hook on and create the life you want on purpose.

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