044: How To Send Love To Someone From A Far

This episode was inspired by the devastating event of Hurricane Dorian hitting the Bahamas.

It breaks my heart to know that there are so many people suffering right now in many parts of the world. Right now, it’s so important, especially during this time to try to send love from a far — to anyone who needs love and healing vibes right now.

So apart from the obvious, what other benefits can come from sending love to someone from a far?

  • When we serve others, we’re essentially getting out of our own head/ego/mind/suffering. You cannot give/send love to another person and be in your own story and pain at the same time. When you send love to another living thing, unconditionally, you are getting out of your own pain/suffering and victim story.
  • You get to practice unconditional love. Let’s face it. A lot of us were not shown unconditional love growing up, but instead egoic love (also known as transactional love). When we love unconditionally, we are practising the act of giving love without expecting anything in return.
  • The power of prayer/intention has been proven to work by scientific studies. By sending love you are helping someone, which is a beautiful thing.

So, what are the steps on how to send love to someone from a far?

  1. Figure out who you want to send love too.
  2. Set an intention. Listen to last week’s episode on intentions to learn how to set an intention.
  3. Ask the Higher Power/God/Source/Light to work through you.
  4. Visualise white light.
  5. Give your full presence, energy, and time.
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