046: How To Figure Out Your Soul’s Purpose

Throughout my years as a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer I cannot count how many times I have been asked the question:

How do I figure out my soul’s purpose?

Many people feel lost when it comes to understanding what they’re meant to do with their life.

I get it… for years I too wondered what my soul’s purpose was.

The truth is, if you are someone who is even asking this question, chances are your soul’s purpose could be quite big.

This is why I want to share with you more about how to understand your soul’s purpose. So that you can thrive and flourish into who you’re meant to be in this lifetime.

For myself, it really wasn’t until I removed all of the mind-chatter, and meaningless obsessions that I was able to tap into my true soul’s purpose.

In this week’s podcast we cover:

  • What is blocking you from discovering your soul’s purpose.
  • What you need to practice to understand your dharma.
  • Some tips and strategies to find the true reason you are here on earth.
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