047: Everything You Need To Know About The Solar Plexus.

The Sanskrit word for the solar plexus is Manipura, or ‘shining gem.’

And this shiny gem heavily impacts your experiences within the material/physical world.

When I say the material world, I mean aspects like relationships, job/money, health/body etc.

In day to day life, whether you like it or not, you are operating primarily from your solar plexus. And the strength of your solar plexus determines the beliefs you hold about yourself in regards to your intellect, beauty, and personality.

Ultimately, your ability to believe that you are worthy of abundance in every form comes from your solar plexus chakra. Whether it be, more health, more money, more love and so on.

So where does your solar plexus chakra sit?

It is rotating 3 – 4 inches above your belly button.

Think of the word ‘solar’ –it means sun. On earth the sun gives us energy, it provides light and warmth. When your solar plexus is properly flowing you get energy, confidence, worth, and value.

In this week’s podcast we talk all about the Solar Plexus:

If you’re someone who wants to move the energy around your solar plexus, you definitely want to listen to this week’s episode.

  • What the solar plexus represents in your emotional/spiritual body.
  • How to determine if you’re solar plexus is blocked.
  • What you need to practice to move the energy around your solar plexus.
  • Some tips and strategies, so you can feel more energy, confidence, and worth.

A video mentioned in this podcast episode:

Amy Cuddy’s TedTalk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.

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