Heartbreak Healing

Heartbreak Healing Sessions ​

A broken heart is one of those experiences that is often filled with a lot of pain and suffering. There are no words that can adequately explain or do justice to the feeling of heartbreak. When you are heartbroken you feel broken. You feel as if someone has punched you in the gut and you can not move. You can not eat. You can not sleep. You just want to lie down and do nothing. Heartbreak affects us not only on an emotional level, but a physical one as well.

“In the end I would rather be able to say,
that I loved too much, than not enough.”

When you are heartbroken, you don’t want to face the world. In fact, you might want to leave the world altogether. You want all your intense pain and suffering to be gone, so you don’t have to feel this way anymore. Even short relationships can cause heartbreak. Why is this? Why do we feel so much pain and suffering after we break up with someone?

Why Does Heartbreak Feel So Bad?

One thing to understand is that we are relational and beings wired for connection and belonging. When we are born at nine months, we are premature. The reason we come out at nine months is because we wouldn’t be able to get out of the womb otherwise. The fact that we are not developed fully makes love a necessity. Love is the most important thing we need as babies. If you don’t give a baby love, it will literally die. Many studies done in the United States during the 1940’s show the effects of withholding love from a baby and the detrimental effects of doing so.

Are you ready to…

  • Let go of grief that is blocking you from feeling joy, acceptance, and happiness?
  • Shed feelings of shame and humiliation that happen after a breakup?
  • Feel more unconditional love and peace.
  • Let go of blockages that are preventing you from attracting a beautiful relationship.
  • Let go of guilt and blame blocking you from moving forward.

Analogy Of The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and magnificent flowers in the entire world. And in many ways I view myself as a lotus flower. People flock to see lotus gardens, as they are such special flowers radiating so much beauty and grace. One thing to know about the lotus flower is that it can only grow in dark, shallow, mucky, and muddy waters. This flower needs this muck and mud to grow, bloom and blossom into the delicate flower that it is. For me, the muck and mud represents the pain and suffering we as human beings experience. Our stories and traumas shape us to become a magnificent and beautiful lotus flower. A flower that represents so much grace and beauty whilst gone through the muck, darkness and shadow of the night.

How long is the session?

During this session we focus more on the ‘heart chakra’ which is the area for giving and receiving love and mostly carries the emotion of grief and guilt. The session will last about 1 hour and a half. After the session you are given tools and techniques that will help to open the energy in this area more. 


“I cannot say enough about Rishma and her devotion to this practise. She has a calming energy and presence that is essential to healing”.

B. Coombs
“I believe that Rishma’s Reiki helped to realign my energies and subsequently enabled me to get pregnant at the age of 40. Without hesitation I recommend Rishma’s Reiki healing”.


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