Are You Ready To Do The Inner Work, To Become The Best Version Of Yourself?

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"My work is dedicated to helping women all around the world understand their worth and value. It is only when we love ourselves fully that we can attract beautiful experiences and people into our lives"

Have you ever wondered why some people attract positive circumstances, people, & events into their life? Why some people have a sense of joy, peace & calm within their being. We would like to believe that these people are just 'lucky' but this is far from the truth. Our outer world is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. It is up to us to let go of the negative emotions that are holding us back from attracting what it is that want in this lifetime. We have free will & choice to create our reality. We need to do the inner work required to reach our full potential. So what are you waiting for? Are you finally ready to make a huge transformation in your life? Click the link to learn more.
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Testimonials from my beautiful clients

  • "I was pain free, relaxed and calm ~ mind and body. I was in a safe, professional environment, knowing Rishma was understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her Reiki practice".

    Lisa Leader Teacher, New Zealand
  • "Rishma has brought profound wisdom, understanding and insights to my life through her loving guidance, her calm nature, and her beautiful presence."

    Nysha Johnson Yoga Teacher, Switzerland
  • ​"I can’t speak for others, I can only share from my own experience. Reiki saved my life."​

    Nadia Daeng Public Relations, Singapore
  • "It is with great confidence and gratitude that I recommend Rishma as a caring, intuitive and highly professional Reiki practitioner".

    Natalie Cross Head Teacher, Australia

Do you wish you could attract the relationship of your dreams?

We help you to clear your chakras so you feel more clarity, joy, and peace. We help you to understand your gifts, so you can feel confident when dating. We motivate you, to not give up on attracting love. Anything is possible when it comes to attracting love & a relationship.

You Deserve To Feel Happiness. May these Items help you on your journey.

  • During this meditation, you are guided into your chakras so you can let go of negative thoughts, feelings and energies.

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  • This E-BOOK will help you to attract your soulmate. May you find everything you're looking for when it comes to love.

  • This meditation was created to help you enter into a state of allowing so you can attract more abundance into your life.

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