2 Steps To Let Go Of Resistance.

Resistance. This one word, has so much depth, meaning and most of all energy. Resistance causes me to feel lethargic. It makes me feel like I am drowning in a pool of dark mud. Resistance is a thorn in my side. It can appear to be my friend at times, pretending to comfort me when I finish a whole bag of potato chips, ginger beer, and mars bar all in one sitting. Resistance makes me feel like loneliness and isolation is a part of me like it’s a limb that I’m meant to live with. Resistance is darkness. It’s the part of me, that feels like giving up or caving in. Resistance makes me loathe myself. It makes me feel like I’m breathless, useless and most of all worthless.

Whenever I hear the word RESISTANCE in my Reiki sessions I know all too well what my clients are experiencing. They all use the same adjectives to describe this darker energy. They say things like: “I don’t feel like doing anything that I’m supposed to do”. “All they want to do is sleep, eat or watch Netflix”. One interesting thing I’ve discovered through my years working as a Reiki practitioner is that whilst everyone experiences resistance, some people struggle with it more than others. Unfortunately, clients that have a weaker solar plexus and/or third eye especially struggle with this darker energy.

There are so many people who are struggling with resistance, and this is why I’ve written this article.  

Below are two things you can do if you have resistance in your life.

Accept and acknowledge the resistance.

Many times when we feel resistance, we will distract ourselves from it. Why? Because we don’t want to feel it. Why? Because it feels terrible. We are uncomfortable with feeling it and accepting it fully. So how can we feel it. The best way to accept resistance is to just give yourself 5 minutes to feel the resistance. If you sit by yourself, close yourself and say. I allow myself to feel the resistance, one of two things is going to happen. You’re going to feel resistance. And guess what… It’s won’t feel as bad as you think. So try it and feel the way your body responds. Does your body collapse into a ball? Or do you feel breathless? Whatever you feel, watch it and accept the feeling fully.

Allow the universe to take the resistance from you.

Imagine that there is a black box in your lap. Imagine that you are putting all of the darker resistant energy into the box. Stay here for 10 mins. When you do this you will feel like escaping. But keep going. Allow the resistance to move into the box. After 10 mins. Imagine you are putting a lid on the box. Lift the box with your hands and place it on the top of your head. Feel how heavy the box is. Allow the box to lift off of the top of your head and into the sky going back to True Source. Lastly, be sure to be patient with yourself.

If you still feel resistance after this meditation exercise, it’s ok. It might take two or even three times. However many times it takes, it doesn’t matter, because the resistance will eventually leave.

Sending you so much love and light. <3

Author: Rishma Petraglia

3 Things Confident People Do Differently

Confidence is something that I’ve struggled with since my early years. Looking back, I now know that my lack of confidence stemmed from not understanding who I was as a person and what my gifts were. Second guessing myself was the norm for me. Throughout my years as a Love Coach, I’ve realized that many people struggle with confidence and ultimately don’t know the steps on how to build it. There are also those fortunate people who have come into this world with an abundance of confidence, which certainly could have been nurtured through their familial upbringing. For the rest of us, this is a common struggle.

Are you someone who feels a lack of confidence in your day to day life? Well, there’s no need to worry because this is something you can definitely work on and build more of.

Before we start, let’s go over the actual definition of confidence: “The quality of being certain of your abilities.”

Keeping this definition in mind, below are three things confident people do differently when dating.

Effective Communication

People who are confident know, deep down inside, that they are capable in many areas of their life, and this is clearly shown in the way they communicate. When communicating, confident individuals speak positively of themselves whether it be about who they are or what they do. If someone compliments them, they have no problem accepting with a wide smile and a gracious “thank you”. Think about the last compliment you received: did you accept and acknowledge it or did you deflect it attempting to be modest? If you’re someone who routinely deflects compliments when they come your way; this is a relatively easy pattern to change by practicing and remaining mindful. Working with a friend and doing some role play will really help you to practice to receive compliments about your abilities and gifts. By rejecting someone’s compliment, you are communicating to that person that you’re not certain of what they’re saying, and don’t believe it yourself. The next time someone compliments you, be sure to be aware of what you’re saying back to them. Remember this takes time, but breaking the pattern and accepting a compliment will go a long way when trying to attract love.

Bold Body Language

Confident people stand, sit and walk in a powerful way. Think of someone you know who is confident. Now picture the way they walk when they go into a room. Confident people never slouch. Their shoulders are back and their chest and abs are sturdy. For some people, confident body language comes naturally, however for others they can’t help but to slouch and take up less space. If you watch a confident person you will notice that they take up more physical space then those around them. They’re really not afraid to stretch out their arms and legs. If you’re someone who is slouching and making yourself smaller during a date, you could be feeling unworthiness, unsureness, or timid.  Not to worry, having great body posture is something you can practice at home.

Studies have shown that if you are able to move your body posture into a more confident pose, your mind changes in the process. A popular TedTalk by Amy Cuddy talks about the influence of power poses and how they can change your confidence by improving your body language. When you start to make changes to your body language, you’ll notice big shifts will happen when you talk to people. Just by taking 10 minutes a day to practice how you stand, sit and walk can help your confidence in a huge way. It’s all about training your mind and body to sync up to help you understand your worth.

Dress To Impress

Dressing well is one of those things that does take time and effort. Humans are visual creatures, and studies have shown that you have three seconds to give off a great impression. As human beings, we often make judgments and assumptions about someone just based on what their wearing and their facial expressions. The truth is most confident people dress well because they value themselves. They take time and effort to get ready and this can include their appearance. Nine times out of ten, confident people will not leave the house without looking their best.

How To Listen With Presence

Have you ever listened to a colleague, friend, or family member and whilst doing so your own thoughts of what to respond back come flooding in. For many of us, we tend to listen with our ego rather than with our heart. That being said, when you truly listen to someone with your heart you forget about yourself, you let your ego go. When you loose yourself in the conversation a sense of peace and calm emanates from your heart and aura. You feel as if you are becoming one with the person you are talking to. You are in a state of pure receptivity and understanding. This can be a direct gateway into the person’s story, reality, and most importantly, their heart. When you listen presently and consciously, you are building a heart to heart connection with the person you are talking to. Are you ready to listen with your heart and show someone pure presence? Below are 4 ways you can listen with presence.  Smile & BreatheHave you ever noticed when someone is telling a funny story and you’re listening presently you tend to start smiling and laughing. In moments of presence we experience more joy and happiness. It’s because we are listening with our hearts. When you smile, your heart opens automatically. Breathing also brings presence into your experience. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. When you breathe you are becoming more present which leads to greater listening. Focus Your AttentionFocus your attention to your sense of hearing. Pay attention to your ears and their state. Have all of your consciousness go there. This allows you to be focussed and receptive to what is being said. Allow your senses to be fully in the state of listening. Look At The Persons EyesSometimes when we talk to someone we look at their lips without being able to help it. When we do this, we are not connecting with another person as strongly as we could. A good quote by William Shakespeare is that the eyes are the window to the soul. Whenever I look at someone’s eyes when listening, I usually feel a strong connection to the person I’m talking with. The person you are speaking with will feel listened to and you will connect on a deeper level. Release JudgementSometimes when we are speaking to close friends or family, thoughts of judgement can come rushing in. During these situations it can become hard to be present as the mind is busy creating a negative story. In these situations having a mantra ready can really help you to release any judgement or resentment. A mantra I use and teach my clients is: “I am willing to accept you as you are.” Another good one from The Course in Miracles is: “I am willing to see things differently.” Saying a mantra in your mind 3 times can help to let go of any negative mind chatter.
During the holidays it is quite easy to get wrapped up into our own world. Although the holiday season should be a time for family, friends, and relaxation; it often becomes a time of overspending, over eating, and over scheduling, which can in turn feel hectic and stressful. With the rush of people, and rapid conversations amid the stress of the season it is all to easy to forget what it means to be a good listener. By simply – smiling, breathing, focusing, and letting go of judgement, we allow ourselves to better listen and connect with our loved ones. I wish you all a relaxing holiday season filled with great conversations, laughter, and abundant love and light.     Author: Rishma Petraglia

3 Ways To Help You Let Go Of Grief And Loss After A Miscarriage

Although I’ve experienced trauma in my early-twenties, nothing has compared to the level of emotion a miscarriage brings to one’s self.

Giving birth to a baby is a miracle. A pure miracle. A woman’s body is so sacred and magical that it’s able to create something as special as life. Human life.

When I was first pregnant my husband and I were overjoyed with happiness. We couldn’t believe that we were about to meet a beautiful soul to share our lives with. Knowing that we were going to bring a baby into this world was one of the best feelings in the world. Excitement lit up our hearts, and we imagined what our lives would be like when we would meet our baby for the first time.

I vividly remember the day when we found out. I was 4 months pregnant at the time. We met at the doctor’s office, awaiting another ultrasound. This was going to be a special ultra-sound as we were going to find out the sex of the baby. There was such a serene peacefulness about me that day. I was blissful and happy as this was the first ultrasound I had without feelings of morning sickness. I remember lying on the bed, and looking at the screen. The doctor was very silent, and didn’t say a thing. I started to think, “I wonder if something could be wrong”. I said to her, “Is everything okay?” She didn’t answer. I said again, “Is everything okay… how come you’re not saying anything?” Then she responded. “Rishma, I’m sorry but I can’t find a heartbeat.” In that moment, my heart dropped. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. My heart started racing, and I wanted to throw up. All I kept saying to my husband was – “What are we going to do? What are we going to do? I can’t go through this?” I was living in my absolute worst nightmare.

That day we came home. We went into the bed. We cried. We screamed. We hurt. We continued to pray and hope that this was a bad dream, and soon we would wake up.

After having this experience, I can’t tell you how many people opened up about having a miscarriage. To know that you’re not alone means so much when you’re going through a kind of suffering like this. I remember going online to read how many women have gone through this experience, and finding thousands of stories. I somehow felt a deep sense of connectedness to women all around the world.

When you haven’t had traumatic experience for such a long time you really forget that many people are suffering around the world, every day, every minute, and that it’s completely real. It’s not until you go through your own suffering that you can have a deep amount of empathy and compassion for people. I see now as a healer, this was an important experience to go through. To help me understand suffering on the deepest level, so I could help people on the deepest level.

I wrote this article to help anyone who’s had a miscarriage and is trying to find peace. Here are 3 ways to help you heal if you’ve had a miscarriage.

Feel Your Pain

It’s easy to distract yourself from feeling during this time, but feeling your pain is crucial. When you don’t feel your emotions, they can store inside of your physical body. Going through, and feeling the dark emotions can be tough at first, but doing so will help you to feel lighter quicker. This will take time, nevertheless sitting in silence and allowing negative emotions to come up will help you heal faster. The various emotions that may come up could be: guilt, shame, anger, hurt, blame, resentment, or disappointment. When these emotions are not felt, they will usually store around the heart, and sacral chakras. Getting a reiki treatment after a miscarriage can help you to let go of negative emotions stored in these chakras, so you can feel lighter, peaceful, and more happier.

Buy A Journal & Start Writing

Writing can be extremely healing during a time like this. Write down your story. From the day you found out you were pregnant – to the miscarriage. Write down everything you’ve learned about yourself, about life. Writing is extremely therapeutic for your mind and soul, especially when it’s done with pen and paper. When we write with our hands, we connect to our heart chakra which allows us to release unwanted feelings that no longer serve us. Another thing you can do to help your heart heal is for 30 days after the miscarriage write down 3 things you’re grateful for. When going through something as traumatic as a miscarriage it’s easy to fall into a space of victimhood. You’re filled with so much grief and pain. These lower emotions can store around the heart chakra making you feel depressed and alone. Writing down what you’re grateful for will move the energy around the heart to help you feel more unconditional love and peace.

Talk To The Soul Of The Baby

Doing a meditation and talking to the soul of your baby can be a healing practice. Talking to your baby can bring such peace and calm to the situation. When I have a client who has experienced a miscarriage we do a session that focuses on talking to the baby’s soul. It is a truly beautiful experience, which is healing for both mother and baby.

Having experienced a miscarriage was the toughest thing I have ever been through. That being said as a healer I do my best to peacefully move forward. Therefore I’ve created a meditation that helps to let go of grief and loss after a miscarriage.
Click the link of you wish to listen:

How Can Energy Healing Help Me As An Empath?

My first time experiencing Energy Healing

The first time I received Energy Healing was in my early twenties, fresh out of a traumatic 4 year relationship. My heart felt like it had broken into a million tiny pieces. Being an Empath made things even worse at this time. Since I was young, I always felt emotions on such a deep level. The pain and suffering of the world felt as if it was carried on my shoulders. So when I went through this traumatic breakup, it brought me to a state of absolute despair and depression. 

My mom had just finished a Energy Healing course at the time, so I agreed to let her to practice on me. Lying on the massage table before the treatment, I felt nervous and scared not knowing what was about to happen. Then the session started, I closed my eyes and felt an undeniable numbing sensation on my face. My thoughts were completely still. In that moment, all I felt was peace and calm. My entire body was relaxed, and I could finally breathe without heaviness in my heart. It was a truly beautiful experience for me. Shortly after this session, I realised that I needed to learn more about my heart and soul. I had a strong desire to go inwards, so I started learning about meditation, Reiki and other energy healing modalities. From that day onwards my my life changed forever. Today I am a qualified Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach living in Singapore. 

Nowadays, Energy Healing is becoming more popular and well-known in many parts of the world.

Why? Because more people are being open and vulnerable in sharing their transformational stories about energy healing. Even Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie openly discuss their love for Energy Healing. Are you thinking about experiencing some Energy Healing? Below are 3 reasons how Energy Healing can help you as an empath. 

Are you trying to heal from stressors?

Many clients contact me because they feel emotions such as grief, loneliness hurt and/or anger from stressors or a specific experience they have endured. These experiences could be a significant trauma, or may also be smaller shocks to our mental, psychological or physical systems from which dense emotions accumulate over time. Waking up with these emotions everyday is not easy. This dense and heavy feeling can be felt in your head, heart or stomach area. When you’re in that state of being, it’s also easy to believe that these feelings are never going to leave and are going to stay forever.

When these emotions don’t move through us, we end up feeling stuck and rigid in this state of being. The circulation of our life force energy gets impeded, much like a river with too much debris and rocks. Receiving or learning Energy Healing gives a gentle nudge to the emotional debris and can help you move through these emotions, which makes room for you to feel more peace, and love.

Do you want to let go of worries and concerns?

As an Empath, we are constantly feeling everyone else’s emotions and sometimes other people’s thought patterns. Do you have anxious thoughts? Are you craving a less cluttered mind? Do you wish you you woke up with a sense of peace rather than worry? After receiving Energy Healing, you will experience less thoughts and worries. A lot of my clients say after 3-4 sessions they can easily go into stillness and meditate, something they were not able to do before the Energy Healing sessions. Why? Because thoughts are energy. When you get an Energy Healing treatment, the love energy from the universe is flowing into your chakras, helping unwanted thoughts to move and dissipate into the core of mother earth.

Are you seeking a transformational shift in the way you live and approach life?

Have you ever heard that quote by Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”? Many of my empath clients come to me because they are looking for a shift in their current life. Whether it be career, relationships, health, or money, they are wanting a transformation but are unsure of how to begin, or how let go of old, unhealthy habits. When we bring our attention towards doing work on our inner realms, our outer world starts to change. It just starts with being open and willing to go inside, and be present with your soul. When your soul feels more presence and love, this is when your outer reality starts to shift. Energy Healing is one of the best ways to feed your soul more love, and an Energy Healer who can guide you on making lasting changes, creating the results you seek to see in your external world. 

Author: Rishma Petraglia