Author, love coach, Reiki master, and former matchmaker, Rishma Petraglia is on a mission... help women all around the world discover their worth and value. In her podcast, ‘You Are Worthy of Love’ Rishma shares her stories and spiritual wisdom about heartbreak, dating, love, and relationships. In this podcast, you'll feel like you have a cheerleader and friend to support you on your journey to attract unconditional love.

What People Are Saying About The Podcast

Rishma, it’s always refreshing listening to your authentically-driven messages, lined with openness, honesty and a sincere want for your listeners to find their way. Thank you for your podcast on trusting signs, and a reminder that the Universe always has our back. You are inspiring!
- The Laughing Angel

This is so relevant. I keep notes as I listen! Thank you, Rishma.
- Katie S.

I love how Rishma reconfirms what I already know about the opposite sex, love, and relationships. Great content! Keep it up!
- Gary M.

Love this podcast! Rishma is so truthful and honest with her stories. Very relatable.
- Jiro T.
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