About Rishma

How Reiki Changed Into My Life

Growing up I held on to a lot of baggage. And when I say baggage I mean gigantic suitcases of negative thoughts and feelings. Peace, calm and joy were only feelings I felt when I was on vacation. Every night before I went to sleep fears and worries crept up and sleepless nights were the norm. Every morning I woke up with heaviness and dread from the restless sleep from the night before. Living life in darkness led me to attract many destructive and codependent relationships. After every relationship, I was always left feeling unloved and worthless.

“When I was first introduced to meditation and energy healing, it was
absolutely life changing.”

When I was first introduced to meditation and energy healing (reiki), it was absolutely life changing. I learned how to quiet my mind, and truly love myself with no boundaries. Soon after this transformation, I attracted a beautiful person to share my life with. Our marriage’s foundation is based on 3 elements: unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance. As my entire life and self concept changed drastically, I knew I needed to help others who were struggling with similar issues. During my healing journey, I went through a miscarriage at 4 months that changed my life forever. After this traumatic experience, I’ve made it my mission to help women let go of their pain and suffering. My purpose is to help people let go of their baggage so they can feel unconditional love, peace and joy. This experience also gave me a huge gift which led me to learn more about the womb area and now I am fortunate to help many women struggling with fertility issues.

Many people who’ve had healing treatments or have completed the Reiki courses in the past, often ask me ‘What makes these healing treatments any different from the ones I’ve had in the past?’. Each healer is unique and has there own special gifts to share with others. The healing sessions I give are truly magical and life changing. I’m blessed with the ability to intuitively feel and understand what’s blocking you from feeling truly happy and peaceful. I’ve also studied with the Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study for several years, which allowed me to learn various healing therapies, reiki and meditation and mindfulness practices. Working with many healers in Canada, Thailand, and Singapore has allowed me to understand my own gifts with healing, and how I can help others.

So how does it work you’re probably wondering. We set up a free consultation over the phone. We then work together to personalise the healing session to fit your emotional needs. Every person has different needs, so this helps you to get the most out of your reiki healing session.

“I would always come out of a session feeling calm, rejuvenated and at one with the universe.​”

Natalie Cross
Head Teacher

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Are you ready to let go of…

  • Negative thoughts and feelings
  • Destructive relationships that are not serving you anymore
  • Pain and suffering from a traumatic event
  • Limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Obstacles and blocks that are preventing you from living your best life

Letting Go With Reiki

Rishma’s dedication to healing herself and others has allowed her to learn and share different modalities of healing. She earned the following qualifications along her journey.

Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 3A Master Certification. Mediation Workshop Certification. Kundalini Workshop Certification. Open Heart Levels 1,2,3,4 Certification. Mindfulness in the Classroom Certification. Created and taught various workshops on Self Love, Abundance, and Meditation.
Bachelor of Education degree. Created and led afterschool activities of ‘Girls Zone’ a course dedicated to empowering girls through meditation and positive affirmations, and ‘Peacemakers Club’ a course to help kids with emotional and behavioural issues. Created and led Professional Development course ‘Holistic Practice in the Classroom’

Call/Sms +65.8720 8430 or email rishmapetraglia@gmail.com to book your Healing Session.