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How I Attracted My Life Partner Using
Self-Love Practices.

The first time I realized I had deep issues with Self-Worth was when I got out of an unhealthy relationship for the third time. I was in a state of self-hate and loathed myself. I didn’t like who I was and who I was becoming. This led me to realize that I needed to make some big changes, as I couldn’t continue to live this way any longer. Also one of my biggest desires in life was to settle down and find a husband to share my life with, so I knew I needed to make some big shifts to create the life I wanted. 

I started to read various books on how to love myself, worked with healers all around the world and learned holistic practices to help clear the deep wounds that were holding me back from creating the life I wanted. After a few years of doing this profound work on myself, I was able to attract a beautiful husband who treats me the way I deserve to be treated. With kindness, love, and respect. 

I’m so grateful I took the time to learn about Self-Love, so I could heal my own issues with worth, attract my life partner and now help others on their journey to attract love and a relationship. 

My passion is to help millions of women on their journey to find Authentic Worth, Value, Pleasure, and Power in themselves so they can attract a beautiful partnership. 

For this *FREE* Offering you will receive a Master Class on Self-love, a Life-changing Self-love Meditation and an E-Book that will help you to attract your soulmate. 

My desire is for women to step up, and be in their power when it comes to all aspects of their lives.

No more playing small ladies. It’s time to rise and shine.

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What You Will Receive

  • Module 1: Self-Love Masterclass
  • Meditation: Self Love for the Mind, Body & Soul
  • E-Book: How To Attract Your Soul Mate

What People Are Saying About This Course

My favourite part of the Find Your Self Love course was discovering so much negativity that has been buried underneath was mind-blowing. This course of learning about self-love was like clearing out an extremely messy, dusty, and dump-throwing closet that has been stuffed with so much junk over the years. There was a lot of forgiving to do – forgiving our parents, the people who have hurt us, and most importantly ourselves which was essential in the Self Love course. I wasn’t too sure if a 5 session course would be sufficient to get rid of so much mental junk I had but I realised that the journey to self-love is not dependent on others. Not on our parents, our friends, our partners or even our therapist! This course was a great stepping stone to understanding how we can start to learn how to love ourselves. 

Joey Kwok. Realtor. 35. Singapore 


Born in Calgary, Canada, Rishma has lived internationally for over 8 years, and in Singapore for 6 years. Rishma is an International Love CoachReiki Master, Meditation Guide & Intuitive Healer who helps women let go of what is no longer serving them. She has a passion for helping women discover their gifts, and how they are worthy of receiving their desires in life. Rishma has studied with the Padmachaya Institute for Inner Study and has practiced Reiki for over 8 years. Her passion is to help women learn how to attract love and a relationship through holistic methods and practices. 

In 2017, Rishma founded The Heart Whispers a Matchmaking company with a mission to help wholehearted people attract love in a meaningful way. 

Rishma is an Expert in her field and a Published Author who has been featured in various publications such as Cleo, Mindbodygreen, Men’s Health, Thrive Global and Your Tango. She also who has a degree from the University of Calgary in the Masters of Teaching program. She is passionate about teaching concepts and ideas that empower women to be their best selves, so they can have a life filled with Abundance, Pleasure and Unconditional Love. 

DAY ONE: Master Class: Understanding Self-Love. During this MasterClass you will learn more about the subconscious mind and how it impacts your Self-Love. You will learn a life-changing practice that will help you to feel more love for who you are. 

DAY TWO: Meditation: Self-Love For The Mind, Body & Soul. During this meditation you will let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from receiving more self-love. When you love yourself, this is when you attract people who show yourself more love, kindness and respect.

DAY THREE: E-Book: How To Be Irresistible When It Comes To Love. In this E-Book you will learn how the tips and tricks on how to be magnetic when it comes to attracting your soulmate. Enjoy!

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5 Days To Self-Love Course To Attract Love.

Recognize how much self-love you currently have and how to access more. Understand and learn how self-talk influences you. Learn how to transform loneliness into Aloneness.


Reflect and examine your parent’s personality traits. Understand how these traits have influenced relationship patterns in your life. Forgive and clear negative holding patterns with parental relationships in your life.

Understand your core beliefs about relationships, marriage, men, women, love, and sex. Find out how these beliefs impact who you’re attracting. Learn how to change your beliefs so you can attract what you want in a relationship.


Learn what didn’t work from past relationships.
Let go and forgive old hurts from the past so you can move on.
Understand which masculine & feminine traits in a partner balance and compliment you.


Understand what you value, and how this affects you.
Learn 3 dating strategies to help you find the one.
Learn how to move forward through action, without creating resistance to find true love.


Mother Wound, Father Wound, & Magnetise Your Soulmate

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