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You are one step away from living your best life. Allow your heart to guide you, so you can let go of what is no longer serving you anymore.

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Over the past few years I've helped many people who've struggled with feelings of depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts and feelings. I know for myself this is something I've always battled with, so I'm in complete gratitude that I can be of service to help people because I know how hard it can be. I really feel the first step is just stepping through the door. Being open to how your life can change in a moment. Many people who've had healing treatments or have completed the Reiki courses, often ask me 'What makes these healing sessions any different from the ones I've had in the past?'. Each healer is unique and has there own special gifts to share with others. The healing sessions I give are truly magical and life changing. I'm blessed with the ability to intuitively feel and understand what is blocking you from feeling truly happy and peaceful. I've also studied with the Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study for several years, which allowed me to learn various healing therapies and meditation practices. Working with many healers in Canada, Thailand, and Singapore has allowed me to understand my own gifts with healing, and how I can help others. So how does it work you're probably wondering. We set up a free consultation over the phone. We then work together to personalise the healing session to fit your emotional needs. Every person has different needs, so this helps you to get the most out of your healing session.
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Testimonials from my beautiful clients

  • "I was pain free, relaxed and calm ~ mind and body. I was in a safe, professional environment, knowing Rishma was understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her Reiki practice".

    Lisa Leader Teacher, New Zealand
  • "Rishma has brought profound wisdom, understanding and insights to my life through her loving guidance, her calm nature, and her beautiful presence."

    Nysha Johnson Yoga Teacher, Switzerland
  • ​"I can’t speak for others, I can only share from my own experience. Reiki saved my life."​

    Nadia Daeng Public Relations, Singapore
  • "It is with great confidence and gratitude that I recommend Rishma as a caring, intuitive and highly professional Reiki practitioner".

    Natalie Cross Head Teacher, Australia

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