What is "Shakti' Energy? ​

The energy inside the womb is filled with creativity, pleasure, and expansion. When you work with this Shakti energy, miracles happen, and desires manifest. During this healing session, we go into what is blocking you from abundance, enjoyment, and vibrant feminine energy.

"In Sanskrit, the name derives from the word shak,
meaning "to be able" or "empowerment"

“In Sanskrit, the name derives from the word shak, meaning “to be able” or “empowerment”. The word Shakti comes from the concept of divine feminine creative power. Shakti manifests through female embodiment and creativity, fertility. Hindus believe that Shakti is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change.

Yin & Yang Energy

Inside every human being resides the yin and the yang energies. Yin means feminine and Yang means Masculine. In life we’re meant to strive to be balanced with these energies. Nowadays in society many women are becoming more Yang which is creating an imbalance inside. To allow this beautiful ‘feminine’ energy to emerge inside of us, can be absolutely life changing.

Are you ready to...

  • Connect to your divine feminine energy
  • Allow more abundance into your life
  • Explore your creative gifts
  • Let go of blockages that are preventing you from living your best life
  • Let go of physical ailments related to the womb area

Why learn about 'Shakti' energy?  

About 3 years ago I had a miscarriage at 4 months. This traumatic experience helped me to learn and understand more about the Sacral Chakra which is connected to the womb area. After working with many women dealing with cysts in their ovaries, polycystic ovary syndrome, miscarriage & fertility issues and endometriosis, I realised that many health issues can be healed by tapping into this sacred Shakti energy. 

I’ve created a free meditation for women who have experienced a miscarriage. Click the following link to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJnVf5gEevo&t=28s

How long is the session?

During this session we focus more on the ‘sacral area’ otherwise known as the womb. The session will last about 1 hour and a half. After the session you are given tools and techniques that will help to open the energy in this area more. 


"I cannot say enough about Rishma and her devotion to this practise. She has a calming energy and presence that is essential to healing".
B. Coombs
"I believe that Rishma’s Reiki helped to realign my energies and subsequently enabled me to get pregnant at the age of 40. Without hesitation I recommend Rishma’s Reiki healing".

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