5 Simple Tips To Open Your Heart Chakra

Why Work With The Heart Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is one of the most essential chakras in our aura. If you look at the way our bodies are formed, the exact centre is located in the middle of the chest where the heart resides. Within every living thing, the centre is where source energy is encapsulated. When we are connected to source, this is when we feel more peace, joy, unconditional love, and compassion for others. We have the ability to deeply feel so many positive emotions when our Heart Chakra is open. Negative emotions can also be stored in our Heart Chakra. Emotions such as resentment, anger, hurt, loneliness, grief or sorrow can block the flow of the Heart Chakra, causing feelings of heaviness and/or depression in our emotional state of being. 

In Singapore, many of my clients often ask me, how can I heal and open my Heart Chakra?

 Below are 5 strategies to open this essential energy centre: 

Get Some Crystals and Precious Stones

Crystals such as rose quartz, moss agate, and jade have profound healing abilities on the Heart Chakra. Keeping these stones beside your bed while you sleep is a great way to move the energy around your heart. These stones promote feelings of unconditional love and peace. If you know a Reiki practitioner living in Singapore, they can channel love energy to these stones which makes the energy more prominent to promote further healing. 

Eat More Green Vegetables

Eating vegetables that come from the earth and are green can improve your health significantly. Moreover, not only are you improving your physical health, but your spiritual health benefits as well. Eating vegetables such as kale, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, lime, mint, and other green veggies can help clear the energy around your Heart Chakra. You will notice that when you eat more green vegetables, you will tend to feel happier and more energy throughout the day.  

Spend More Time In Nature

Living in Singapore we are blessed with access to an abundance of nature. Walking into a park, or a space where there are a lot of trees, plants, and grass is a great way to move the energy around your Heart Chakra. Visualise that the Life Force Energy all around you is penetrating into your Heart Chakra. A good mantra you can use while you’re in nature is: “My heart is a magnet for life force energy.” 

Be Happy & Smile More

Have you ever observed a person who smiles a lot. They look pretty happy don’t they? This might make you question if they are truly happy or if they just faking it. In 1872 Charles Darwin first posed the idea that emotional responses influence our feelings. “The free expression by outward signs of an emotion intensifies it,” he wrote. Many new studies are showing the benefits of smiling and how it affects our emotional state of being. Research shows that people who smile a lot, tend to experience more genuine feelings of happiness, joy and peace. So start smiling more, it costs nothing and opens up your heart. 

Forgive & Let Go Of Resentment

When you feel resentment and anger towards someone, you are only hurting yourself in the process. When we feel these dark emotions and don’t let go of them, this negative energy becomes stored around our Heart Chakra. One way to let go of this energy is to forgive everyone. Start off by sitting in a comfortable seated position. Start to focus on your breath. Then visualise someone that you want to forgive. After a couple of minutes repeat the mantra: “I forgive ___________ (insert person’s name). I am willing to release any anger, hurt or resentment towards __________ (insert person’s name). I replace with love and light.” This affirmation is extremely powerful and can move negative energy around the Heart Chakra. Author: Rishma Petraglia