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Hey there, my name is Rishma, and I help women let go of negative emotions when it comes to attracting love and a relationship.
I teach spiritual principles to help you align with your most authentic and wholehearted self – to discover your unlimited abundance, worth and value in this world. When you become more confident in who you are from the inside, your outer world changes. Whether it be finances, love and relationships, health, or career success, things start to shift in a positive way.
During our private sessions, we’ll go into the depths of your self worth and confidence. You’ll be given the tools and strategies to help you love yourself more. And when you love yourself unconditionally, you not only open yourself to finding a partner who will too, but you create the opportunity to see benefits in every aspect of your life.
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Rishma Petraglia

Rishma has devoted hundreds of hours learning about what causes heartbreak and how to let go of the pain and suffering after a breakup. Through healing her own heart after a traumatic breakup, she is now in a beautiful marriage which is filled with unconditional love, kindness, and respect for one another.

In 2017, Rishma co-founded a Matchmaking Company called The Heart Whispers, an organisation helping people understand their own gifts, worth & confidence before embarking on the journey to attract love and a relationship.

Through her podcast ‘You Are Worthy Of Love’ Rishma uniquely combines the topic of love & dating with spirituality concepts. Her podcast was rated the #1 Podcast for the Spiritually Curious on & was also highly recommended in Denmark, in their popular magazine Femina. 

Rishma is also a Dating Columnist for CLEO Magazine where she gives advice to readers about all things love, dating and relationships. Her ideas have been featured in International online publications such as Mindbodygreen, Men’s Health, Vulcan Post, YourTango, Thrive Global and many more. 

Through Rishma’s teachings she proves that if you take the time to process & let go of negative emotions, you can live a life filled with joy and unconditional love. Learning how to love yourself is ultimately one of the most important things you can do when trying to attract love and a relationship. 

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